Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival in NYC: Part Deux!

We had such a BBQ Blast at 2010’s Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival held at La Venue/The Tunnel, that we had to go back. Every attendee gets a festival logo beer glass that they can get unlimited refills of (you guessed it) beer and bourbon but I was there for the eats! There were over 70 vendors of both booze and ‘cue, and we tried to visit all we could all while trying to stay upright! And for those more into girls than grits, Larry Flynt sent over his Daisy Dukes girls, who were giving a portion of the proceeds from their $15 calendar to several charities, and of course they were providing the mainly young male crowd plenty of photo, ops, autographs and even hugs!
There was also a bacon eating contest with a $100 prize, but we just did not have that big of an ability to pig out, even though we usually excel in general in this arena! We did the first session only, which was called The Bacon Bash Session, but it was about a whole heck of a lot more than bacon.
By: Anne M. Raso

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