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BBQ Decals Announce Your Preferences

A friend, who knows I kayak, in addition to “doing” bourbon and barbecue sent me a couple cool BBQ decals. Since this was another day on the river, I didn’t hesitate to add them.

BBQ Decal on Kayak

I had named my kayak, Rocks or Water, because it is the Bourbon Boat. But now that it’s the BBQ and Bourbon Boat, I guess I need to add/change the name to Rocks or Water and Dry Rub… or you have a better idea?

While others have some BBQ decals that are clever…

I like the fact that the decals from are in the shape of the animals we love to Q, not just an oval or rectangle.

(Note the backgrounds are not black as shown above.)

The BBQ decals are just a $2 each plus shipping. So in addition to my kayak, these will also make an appearance on my cars. Never know where that next great BBQ tip or recipe may come from so it doesn’t hurt to show your allegiance to the craft of BBQ.