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Republicans and Democrats Need to Drink More Bourbon

Red State Blue State Bourbon from Heaven HillHeaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., wants politicians and those who follow them to drink more bourbon so they have distilled a new American Bourbon –┬áRed State(TM) and Blue State(TM) Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Made up of two simultaneous releases of hand-crafted Bourbon from two time “Distiller of the Year” Heaven Hill Distilleries the dueling bottles will create the biggest buzz ever seen around a consumer product at election time.

Red State Blue State Bourbon bottlesNo matter which side they’re on, voters can make a real party statement with America’s Native Spirit in the form of Red State and Blue State, a smooth-tasting Kentucky Bourbon. Labeled with America’s political party colors of Republican red and Democrat blue and featuring the famous elephant and donkey symbols Continue reading